Life hacks from your friends at Newstalk KIT!  Halloween Candy.  Whether you eat it all yourself or you actually give it out to kids, there is a BEST day to buy.

According to a new study by Ibotta, Americans spent an average of $16.45 per person on Halloween candy over the last two years which is really pretty cheap.  How many of you spend that and sit in the dark and eat it yourself.  You know who you are!

When looking at all 50 states, our sister to the south -Oregon, seems most generous at $40.29 per person and that’s actually using their own democrat socialist money!  (Couldn’t resist a little Halloween Horror Humor there)

So here’s the help.  Yahoo reports that if you're looking for the cheapest day to stock up on treats for Halloween you'll want to shop on October 27th, when the average price of candy is $1.94 per unit.

Miss that and have to go the last minute route on October 30th you'll pay the most-- an average of $2.75 per unit.   Makes sitting in the dark seem reasonable! (Yahoo)

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