By now you probably know I love the movies. Today I saw Skull Island, the new KING KONG movie and it was very entertaining.  None of that drag Kong off to New York city stuff.  They stayed on the island and had plenty of monster level action scenes with some very unusual creatures.  It was kinda like watching a nature documentary only with a lot more people getting squished!

Speaking of…Science says watching a nature documentary is one way to improve your mood.

The University of California Berkeley & the BBC conducted a worldwide survey about mood and the movies.  Participants reported their moods before and after viewing clips from the nature documentary Planet Earth II as well as dramas and some news stories.

What they discovered was watching the nature documentary “boosted participant's feelings of awe, contentedness, joy, and amusement, as well as helped reduce anxiety, fear, and tiredness.”  That’s some pretty powerful stuff.  Maybe not as powerful as King Kong ripping a lizard’s face off, but powerful!

Study leaders say the elements of “wonder and contentment are the foundations of human happiness."   King Kong offers wonder, just not a lot of contentment for those who go against him! But go see it!  (Daily Mail) 

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