The Cottonwood 2 Fire that started on Tuesday north of Selah and burned nearly 9,000 acres is 100 percent contained.

Janet Pearce from the State Department of Natural Resources says now that the fire is fully contained the department is worried about other big fires starting in the state hoping everyone will be careful especially with campfires.

We really want people to put out campfires. Dead out. Because a little wind comes and carries a spark. Sparks can travel about a mile so you don’t know what could happen.

A spark from someone target practicing is suspected of causing the Cottonwood 2 Fire so Pearce says it is important to watch even for the simplest things that could start a blaze that could rage out of control.

Pearce also says it is vitally important to create that green space if you live in an area where a wildfire could damage or destroy your property.