NEW YORK (AP) — Taiwanese state media say the WannaCry cyberattack infected computers in 10 schools, the national power company, a hospital and at least one private business.

However, the Central News Agency says the ransomware program caused no damage to the schools' core database systems. Taiwan's education ministry has warned institutions to protect their information and not to download software from unknown sources. It advises that schools should disconnect computers from the internet and reformat them in the event that malware is detected.

The news agency says WannaCry also infected computers at an office of the Taiwan Power Company, a hospital and a business in the central city of Taichung. The business, whose name was not given, reported paying $1,000 in bitcoin to unlock files held hostage by the program. It wasn't clear whether the files had been recovered.

The news agency says there have been no reported incidents of the ransomware affecting government agencies.

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