In these crazy coronavirus times, working safely and productively for a big company or for someone else isn't always easy.  Maybe any extra downtime you find on your hands should be spent re-evaluating your current career with the idea of working for yourself.

Sure, there are trade offs, but what price happiness?
A new study from the Institute for Fiscal Studies finds self-employed people may earn less money, but they’re happier doing it!
The data shows that self-employed people have higher levels of well-being than those who are not self-employed, including feelings of job satisfaction. Self-employed people were also found to have higher life satisfaction, and lower levels of distress.

Some 87% of self-employed workers at the end of 2019 were in solo self-employment, The rise in owner-managers without employees (who are classed as employees for tax purposes and in many surveys) accounts for a further 11% of the increase.

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