When people vote in the November general election the Yakima County Commissioners want to know how they feel about legalizing retail marijuana sales in the unincorporated areas of the county. An advisory vote on the November ballot will ask if the commissioners should continue the ban on retail pot sales. Commissioner Mike Leita says the county is proposing dedicating an additional $100,000 to the 2018 budget for code enforcement. "Which will be used to enforce our marijuana ban or to enforce new ordinances governing marijuana depending on the voters decision this November. "
county budget talks are underway.
Leita says if voters want retail sales in the unincorporated areas the commissioners will create and ordinance that would specifiy where the retail stores could locate. He says retail stores now operating in the unincorporated areas of the county and are out of compliance with the current county ban on retail marijuana sales. And he says they'll enforce the ban if voters want the ban to continue. Or fund changes in ordinances to allow the stores to operate legally.
the advisory vote will appear on the November ballot.

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