Parking meters could be back in downtown yakima in the future after being removed years ago. The Yakima city council Tuesday held a study session on parking and voted in favor of asking city staff to bring back a proposal within the next month that would replace parking meters on the street and in city owned parking lots. While a majority of city council members were in favor of the proposal councilman Bill Lover thinks bringing back meters is a bad idea that will drive customers away from the downtown area. He told his fellow council members. "We got to figure out how to get people back downtown. How to like downtown. I guarantee you the things we're doing isn't doing that. And I don't know if you talk to people or just stay in your little circles."
One of the options in the proposal for the city to consider in the future is closing the main parking lot across from the Capital Theater for 7 days to see what kind of an impact it would make in downtown parking. The council is expected to vote on the proposal within the next month.

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