Behold the Bald Eagle.  The symbol of strength, independence and freedom.  Not bad for a bunch of balloons.  The picture doesn't do this balloon sculpture justice because it's awesome..,and it's just one of the many clever balloon creations made by my friend Captain Squirrel (Kelly Blanchard)

Kelly is a family show magicians and all kids love his charming pirate character.  In addition to his abilities as an entertainer and magician, Kelly is just plain good people.  In the past Captain Squirrel has worked in security, youth ministry and as a member of the Yakima Police Department.  His magic performances include hundreds of birthday parties for kids and adults and you may have seen him at the Central Washington State Fair, Moxee Hop Festival and various community gatherings up and down the valley.

As you can imagine, magic shows have had to change during the pandemic and magic has had to move on line so Kelly has explored that as well as looked for ways to spread a little happiness and joy in general.  And that leads us back to the eagle.

The eagle in the photo has landed ...landed on a big cup filled with candy treats and a bag of white cheddar popcorn but Captain Squirrel is no one-trick-pirate.  His balloon twisting skills and magician's imagination allows him to customize the sculpture and cup contents for almost anyone and any occasion.

Kelly considers his creations an inexpensive way for folks to "spread the happy" to the people in their lives who might need a smile or are feeling bummed out for being left out of their usual social routines.

The good Captain will join the Morning News tomorrow (8/12/20)  at 8:15ish am  to talk about this fun new venture and to explain how you might spread the fun in your life!  See you then!

Fishing Baloon


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