The Amazing Kreskin will join Lance and me  tomorrow at 8:10 AM to talk about his upcoming show at the 4th Street Theatre.  Many of you know Kreskin for his entertaining predictions throughout the years.  He has flown over 3 Million miles, been on every talk show in every country and is set to amaze us with his extraordinary abilities tomorrow night.  

He  invited Lance and I to participate in the committee of audience members that hide his check before the show.  He will then use his mind reading ability to find his check, he says he does this at every show an has only failed nine times in over 60 years of performing.  

I have seen him three times before in the 70's, 80's and again in the 90's and I am going again because its a really a great show. They don't call him "amazingz' for nothing! 

 To purchase tickets for the 7:30 show call the Capitol Theatre box office at 509-853-2787 or visit

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