It's hard for me to believe, but some people are just not into the Super Bowl. Like die-hard Seahawks fans who figure that football won't matter again until next August.


I have been a Seahawks fan since day one. So, I'm used to my team not being in the Big Game. My mantra has always been: "I want to see the Seahawks win the Super Bowl before I die." Got a little nervous back in January of 2006 and they actually were in the game. I was afraid that if they had won, my number might have been up.

This past season was a magical time for the 12th Man, summed up in two words: Russell Wilson. The guy should be NFL Rookie of the Year, but I think it will go to the Colts' Andrew Luck. This year, I felt that the Seahawks had their best shot since the 2005 season. Wait until next year.

As I said, since the Seahawks are out of it, a little of the luster has gone out of it for me. Oh, I'll watch and probably decide who to root for at kickoff. That, and eat some junk food during the game.

I surfed the web a bit to find a link or two about what to do if you are not into the Superbowl. They seemed to be aimed at women, but my wife and most of the ladies I know are into football and know a lot about the game.

Click here for some alternatives to watching the Superbowl. Don't mind me. I'll be watching the Ravens and the 49ers and eating jalapeno potato chips.

So until the draft in April, training camp, and the pre-season next summer, Go Hawks!