We post a lot of stories here about dogs.  Lance loves dogs and has about 50 of them (slight exaggeration), my wife loves dogs and we have two rescue hounds, I like dogs and my kids all love all dogs and we know that thousands of our listeners do too...so here's another one for your canine consideration.

What is the most popular kind of dog in the country's biggest dog show?

On Monday and Tuesday (February 10th and 11th)the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will be happening again  in New York City.  Since it first began back in 1907, lots of adorable dogs have graced the show over the years, But when it comes to top trophies, it's the Terrier group that can tell all the other breed to go fetch!
The Best in Show award has been bestowed to a dog from the Terrier group a total of 48 times.  Fifteen of those wins went to Wire Fox Terriers, and Scottish Terriers took  home and buried in the backyard eight of the wins. The rest of the dog groups don't even come close to winning as many times as the Terriers.
For example, the Sporting group has produced the second-highest number of Best in Show winners, but only a total of 20 since 1907. Of those 20 winners, the English Springer Spaniel is the winningest  but has only won Best in Show six times.
Out of the show ring and the job it's the herding group that trails the herd and the same holds true for the Herding group at the show. Herders have only won two Best in Show awards since the creation of the group in 1983.
The results don’t appear to reflect the popularity of a given breed, however. The Labrador Retriever, which has been ranked as the American Kennel Club’s “most popular breed” in the United States since 1991, has never won a single Best in Show title.


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