Scams come in many forms these days and many are on social media. Like the Instagram Influencer Scams that can lead to identity theft according to the Better Business Bureau. They say an influencer is someone who has a large social media audience. Many inluencers get sponsorships from regular companies but the accounts can also be used by scammers. Instagram influencers will host product giveaways to raise awareness of their page or product. The scam happens when you get a message from a scammer who is spoofing the influencer’s account or claiming that they work with the giveaway host. Then you're told you won. But that you need to pay a shipping fee or provide some personal information. Any information provided goes straight to the scammers.

The Better Business Bureau has tips to stay safe from influencer scams:

The technique could easily be used on any social media platform. Be skeptical of anyone who contacts you that you don’t know personally.
This attack exploits your excitement of winning a prize to get you to act impulsively. Don’t let the bad guys play with your emotions.
Remember that cyber criminals use more than just emails to phish for your information. Always think before you click!

There's also another scam that you should know about concerning Social Security.

Some people in Yakima say they've recently received calls about Social Security cards. It's a scam that the Yakima County Sheriff's Office first warned about in 2019.

Scammers leave a message saying they're from the IRS. They leave a voicemail saying your Social Security number has been suspended. They urge you to press one for more information. The IRS says that's not how they operate and that social security numbers are never suspended. The scammers demand payment either through the phone or through a gift card to correct the situation.
Authorities say it's a scam and if you get the call don't call back and never ever give out any of your financial or personal information over the phone.
IRS officials says employees would never threaten or intimidate people to get information. They say if that happens just hang up because it's a fraudulent call.

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