I took my son to last night's Journey and Asia show at the Yakima Valley Sun Dome. I grew up listening to both band's on the radio and through the years, I've seen Journey many times but the one act I really wanted to share with my son was Asia.

Asia was a super group of the 80's that consisted of several members of other similar rock bands like Yes, King Crimson and Genesis. Asia was part of what has been classified as "Progressive Rock". Yes is a great example of the genre but what made Asia different than Yes was that Asia crafted songs for the radio.

Heat Of The Moment and Only Time Will Tell pumped through the airwaves when I was 12 and it left a huge musical impression on me.

I wanted to share that enthusiasm with my son since this show was announced.

Three of the four original Asia members were touring and then suddenly, there were two. John Wetton - Asia's lead singer for over 30 years passed away on January 31st, 2017. I was crushed knowing that I wouldn't hear the original vocalist on the original songs but like Asia did, I soldiered on.

Asia showed up at the Yakima Valley Sun Dome ready to rock and they did. They have a new lead singer in Billy Sherwood who's doing his best to carry on. Sherwood, new to the band used an I-pad to read the song lyrics and did his best vocally to capture the essence of the departed Wetton.

The sound mix wasn't great and my hopes of my son really enjoying Asia diminished, but luckily two things got my son excited during the set.

Heat Of The Moment's classic guitar riff got him on his feet.

The highlight of the night for my son was the drumming of legend Carl Palmer. He's been a part of Emerson,Lake and Palmer and the backbone of the Asia beat for decades but for a 22 year old seeing a rock legend perform live, you instantly give respect..

I noticed something that you don't see very often. The drum kit didn't say Asia, it said Carl Palmer signaling that you were going to witness something spectacular. You seldom see someone bigger than their own band but Carl Palmer deservedly has earned the right after watching him perform live.

It was an incredible night of music in the Yakima Sun Dome with Journey taking center stage but I was glad my son and I got to see Asia and the fantastic drumming of Carl Palmer... that's a memory that will last a lifetime.

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