Summertime, and the living is...angry.  It's 2019 and we're mad as hell and we don't want to take it anymore!. Except - what are we really mad at and what can we really do about it?  Questions for consideration by KIT's pal Tim Bryce, who's a consultant, businessman and blogger out of Tampa, Florida.

Tim's latest column looks at some of the reasons behind our anger.

"I tend to believe it is primarily because we do not promote cooperation but stubborn independence instead. We see this on the road where people like to block traffic, cut in line, or do anything that suits their specific needs. We see this in public schools with a lack of discipline, lack of enforced dress codes, and lack of respect for teachers and others. Students are not being taught how to cooperate, other than in sports....I would remind people that every state High School athletic team championship I’ve ever seen is won by cooperation, not by individual effort."

Ever feel like throwing you laptop or cell phone?  Get in line, and that too adds to our anger.

"The second aspect of our anger deals with our dependency on technology. Whether I’m in a company, a store, or on the highway, people are plugged-in and tuned out. It is no small wonder our socialization skills are deteriorating as people prefer their technology over human contact. Such a shift signals the decline of such things as common courtesy and manners."

And there's more which is why we recommend you check out Tim's work at​ .  And you might want to pick up a copy of Tim's new book,“Tim’s Senior Moments” now available in Printed and eBook form.

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