Do you buy lottery tickets? Scratch tickets, Daily Games, Hit 5, Powerball, Mega Millions - what's your game? I'm pretty conservative when it comes to gambling and make no mistake - playing the lottery - even if you're only spending a few dollars worth of tickets - IS gambling. I usually buy a few HIT 5 tickets but sometimes Mega Millions.

Brian Stephenson

My late father-in-law was addicted and spent hundreds each month. Oh sure, a few times he'd win $1000 or $500 - but over the long haul - the house always wins as they say in Vegas. Frankly, he was never under the illusion this was a financial plan. It was just for fun. He worked hard, paid his bills - and spent a little on himself. Beer, hot dogs and lottery tickets. He used to joke that he justified it because the sale of tickets helped to fund schools. So I'd encourage him saying, 'Yeah, it's for the kids!'


What if you did have a financial plan? I mean, an actual plan, using science, math and finding a way to make the numbers work for you. Well, one fellow did just that - and around the world he was able to parlay his mathematical strategies into cash. Big cash. As in - winning the lottery - 14 TIMES KINDA CASH! He had a system and it worked. Authorities would later determine - it may have been working too well. The man's name was STEFAN MANDEL. This Romanian-Australian Mathematician developed a system and was so successful he won 14 times and retired to a tropical island. Not too shabby.

Do you have what it takes? I know I don't but his story is fascinating. Watch the Video and see for yourself.

Here's what this weekends jackpots look like here in Washington.

Brian Stephenson

Who knows? Maybe if you win you could purchase one of these celebrity homes?

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