We hear it often in today’s divided America. Equality!!!   The left wants equal opportunity AND equality of outcomes while the right wants equal opportunity without guarantee of anything.  Their philosophy is that given a fair and equal chance, each individual will create an outcome based on their specific effort, experience and all else they bring to the table.

Our consultant/businessman/blogger buddy Tim Bryce is back with another column on EQUALITY.

“The Declaration of Independence tells us that all men are created equal, but we sure don't want to be treated as such when we get older. Americans steadfastly and openly proclaim their belief in the concept of equality, yet adamantly refuse to be treated in this manner. Equality, therefore, is an American myth and one reason why we tend to act more like stubborn individualists as opposed to team players.

So the way Tim sees it, the equality we seek today isn’t the equality of our founding fathers—unless among our founders was a man named Freud.

“More than anything, equality is about ego and we are taught at an early age not to be just be as good as someone else, but to be better than them; and if you cannot be better than them, then undermine them every chance you get.”

That’s kind of cynical and interesting and it’s why you should check out his latest at timbryce.comEqually Happy Independence day to you all!

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