Yakima will soon find out if it has been selected as a winner of one of this year's All-America City awards.

Joe Mann, chair of the All-America City committee, says, “We have beautiful weather and beautiful people. And there’s a lot of places where people can’t work together, but in Yakima we can work together.”

That unity encouraged Mann to put Yakima's name in the running for the 2014 All-America City awards.

Mann has certainly heard skepticism during this process, however. He says people have come up to him and asked why he is devoting so much time to the project since Yakima has its fair share of crime, graffiti and gang issues.

Mann says nearly every city has those types of problems and that at least Yakima is being proactive about it. The Yakima business owner thinks Yakima deserves to be named an All-America City.

Thursday, a group of delegates will be flying out to Denver. They will give the presentation Sunday morning, and a little later on that day, we will find out if Yakima has earned the distinction of being an All-America City.