I'm originally from Tennessee so I'm not used to "air stagnation advisories", but I've lived in Washington state long enough to know it's not a good thing-especially if you have allergies!

If you just moved to the area and are asking yourself like I did when I moved here, what in the world is this "air stagnation weather thingie?", I am here to help you out and advise you to take a few certain precautions.

The National Weather Service outlook appears to show we're going to get some poor air quality from now until sometime on Saturday AND temperatures below freezing, too. Yikes.


Be on the lookout for random neighbors walking around in UGGS, leg warmers, and their necks wrapped up in thick scarves. If you're out driving at night or around dusk, watch out for some slick icy spots on the road.

You might see me in Walgreens buying some toe warmers, yes, I said TOE warmers. I didn't even know there even was such a thing until my child ran over at the checkout counter and asked me if we could buy some. I stood there in line trying to figure out how these things are supposed to work. Do you put them inside of your shoe and they have strips that wrap around your toes?

Here are some other things you might see from your fellow cold Washingtones over the next few days.

  • Dogs under blankets
  • Humans clutching cups of hot coffee
  • People blowing hard into bawled fists to defrost them
  • Townsfolk wearing Russian hats on their heads
  • Residents in Moxee, Selah, Granger, and Sunnyside shivering in their cowboy boots

I recommend you stay inside as much as possible to avoid air stagnation. I also suggest you turn up your thermostat just a little bit more this week because we're gonna need the extra warmth!

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