Ah the tastes of the holidays....roasted chestnuts? Never had one?  Mincemeat pie?  Iffy.  But eggnog? Eggnog is the drink of the gods!  Yes?  No?  Seems as though it's more a favored tradition than a favorite flavor.  However, it turns out that more people actually like the drink than dislike it.

I think it's at its frothy best with an ice cube or two and a measured helping of MacNaughton's Blended Canadian Whiskey... but according to a new survey from Poll Position, more people like the taste than don't!

" 44 percent of the poll’s 1,024 respondents gave eggnog the thumbs up when asked if they like its taste. Thirty-four percent don’t like the drink, seven percent said they’ve never had it, and 10 percent had no opinion on eggnog’s taste."

Like so many of  our Christmas traditions , eggnog is old school...with the 65-and-over demographic most likely to like the beverage....but

I say give it a try...and if you are over 21, try it my way...I all but guarantee a very Merry Christmas!