5 Must-Have Items to Bring to Visit Washington State in the Summertime

Have friends and family coming to visit you this summer? Make sure they bring these five things!


It gets very sunny and hot in Washington state during the summer so anyone coming to visit needs to bring something to shade out all of that sunshine! Contrary to popular belief, not all of Washington state looks like Seattle or has evergreen trees!


We love us some coffee in Washington state! Sometimes it might seem like there is a coffee shop on the corner of every block, similar to how in The South it seems like there is a church on the corner of every block! Drinking coffee is as normal to us as drinking water. Washington state is a BYOCM kinda place: Bring Your Own Coffee Mug!


Washington state is a very tech-savvy state and you are likely to find surprising places with a hookup to charge your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. You can even charge your phones at Downtown Summer Nights (They have a T-Mobile booth with multiple chargers but you don't have to be a T-Mobile customer to enjoy the benefit if your phone runs low and you want to keep taking those hot selfies! We have them underneath the seats at the SeaTac airport, which comes in VERY handy if your plane gets delayed. The Valley Mall in Union Gap has a new sitting area station for you to chillax whilst recharging your phone, too!


Okay, so you don't want to use your umbrella in Seattle even during a rainstorm, lest the locals look at you like you're an alien from outer space. You CAN, however, use your umbrella during the daytime on a sunny day in Seattle or any other part of the state because it works as a great shade for that brutal summertime sun! People won't look at you funny for that, they'll actually be staring in jealousy, wishing THEY had an umbrella, too!


When you come to visit Washington state, it will be the perfect time to "sport" your love for our many amazing sports teams including but not limited to:

  • Seattle Seahawks

  • Seattle Mariners

  • Seattle Storm

  • Seattle Sounders

  • Seattle Kraken

  • University of Washington Huskies

  • Washington State University Cougars



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