The Senate appropriations Committee approved the fiscal 2016 agricultural spending bill on a vote of 28-2. The measure includes $143.8 billion in discretionary and mandatory funding, $24 billion below the president’s budget request and $3.7 billion below the fiscal 2015 enacted level. The bill funds agricultural and food programs and services, including food and medical product safety, animal and plant health programs, rural development and farm services, marketplace oversight and nutrition programs.

While Monsanto seeks innovation in a potential deal to combine with Syngenta. Syngenta see’s nothing but risk for farmers, investors and the company. Syngenta’s head of corporate communications said “the board unanimously believes that Monsanto’s proposal is not in the best interest of Syngenta shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.” Syngenta has rejected the $45 billion proposal by Monsanto. The company also believes that such a deal would result in a dramatically different seed landscape for farmers.