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Today is the day that lives on in infamy.  December  seventh, 75 years ago and the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.   Our consultant, businessman, blogger buddy Tim Bryce has an interesting article on American preparedness at the time.  Here’s a quote.

“The real lesson learned from Pearl Harbor was how unprepared we were and how we could have prevented it. To illustrate, prior to the Pearl Harbor disaster, the Army sent General Billy Mitchell to study Pacific defenses. Mitchell’s notoriety stemmed from his advocacy of air power. During World War I he commanded all of the American air combat units in France. He was a visionary who understood the potential of the airplane and pushed hard to promote air power which, as he discovered, was difficult to do during peacetime. His arguments extolling the virtues of air power fell on deaf ears and earned him the scorn of his superiors, who sent him to the Pacific (and get him out of their hair).”

Tim’s columns are always a good read and we hope you’ll check it out on the somber, special day.

Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 40 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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