The Yakima Humane Society had to close its doors for several weeks, after a number of dogs got sick, but this week they're back open.

The shelter closed its doors on August 19th after an outbreak of canine respiratory illness infected around 150 dogs.

The shelter had them on antibiotics for several weeks and while the shelter says the dogs are recovering, they're still taking precautions.

“We're just asking people to be a little more cautious about fingers and kennels and not letting animals sniff or lick your hands and fingers, because that's how a lot of these diseases can be spread from pet to pet,” Humane Society spokesperson Nicole Papageorgiou said.

While no animals were lost during this process they told us it was stressful and took a lot of hard work and money to resolve.

Their emergency fund, which is supplied entirely through donations from the community, took quite a hit.

They're encouraging anyone with a desire to donate to the humane society to stop in or go to their website.

And if you do visit the humane society in the near future remember just to look, don't touch, they say that will help them keep the animals healthy and free of infection.