December is a big month for travel and driving over the pass in the winter can be dangerous. That is why many people choose to fly to their destination and Yakima's airport could be adding another flight in the future if promising ticket sales continue.

To add a fourth flight to Seattle, passengers in Yakima need to keep taking the flights that are currently available at the exact same pace that they have been flying all year long. Right now, the Yakima Air Terminal is hitting right at a 75 percent load rate. That is the exact rate they need to be at in order for Alaska Airlines to agree to add another flight to Seattle.

Yakima Airport Manager Rob Peterson says he's inspired by the recent passenger numbers.

It's good to see the local community supporting the airport. A lot of people don't like to traverse through the passes in inclement weather between Yakima and Seattle. So it's always a good refreshing idea to keep in mind that the Yakima airport is local, convenient as well as the flights a very short flight to Seattle.

The numbers of passengers going through the Yakima Air Terminal has increased by 3,000 so far this year compared to last. Airport officials hope that December brings even higher numbers.

Rob says he is meeting with Alaska Airline officials in January. If these numbers continue, then they will discuss adding that additional flight.