There is strong opposition to the Legal Workforce Act currently being considered in the House Judiciary Committee. The Agriculture Workforce Coalition - comprised of more than 70 agricultural organizations - says any bill mandating E-Verify must only come after or in conjunction with legislation to address the labor crisis America’s farmers, ranchers and growers currently face. Imposing mandatory E-Verify without fixing the country’s broken immigration system will sound the death knell for thousands of farming operations across the country. The AWC is committed to working with House Judiciary members and others to develop legislation that addresses ag’s labor needs.

U.S. ag representatives continue their visit to Cuba this week. The U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba hopes to send a message back to Washington of a unified voice that wants to see Congress act this year and end the trade embargo with Cuba. Nearly 100 ag representatives are in Cuba and they say they would like to see U.S. exports top 1-billion dollars - which is half the value of Cuba’s food imports. Last year - U.S. food sales to Cuba were just 291-million dollars - way below the 710-million dollar peak in 2008.

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