A 7-year-old girl who has battled a rare kidney disease and recently got a kidney transplant had one of her greatest wishes come true today, getting her very own pool.

Kolbe Miller slightly hesitated to jump in her newly installed pool Saturday afternoon, but once she took the plunge she was all smiles. Not only was it a great moment for Kolbe, but also for her mother Johnna Miller, who has been by her daughter during her tough battle.

"Kolbe was a perfectly normal kid until she was about 15 months old," said Miller. "She came down with a very rare disorder that caused kidney damage."

Miller said her daughter has always been in love with the water and swimming, but due to her condition, she was forced to admire the water from a distance.

"For the past five years Kolbe has been on dialysis and as a result of that we had to keep her out of the pool away from water, just because of the risk of infection," said Miller.

Today Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington fulfilled her wish, all with the help of Lyn Van Auken from Yakima-Watermill and contributions she received from the community and vendors.

"I had a very nice customer that told me about a very nice little girl whose wish was to have a pool and I figured I could get that done and we did," said Van Auken.

And know little Koble's wish of swimming is a reality and one she gets to enjoy every day.