Recently I got myself a kitten. I never thought I would be a cat lady, I don't like cat hair, the only experience I really have is with one that used to whip me in the face with its wet tail. GROSS!

But now that I am two months in, holy crap. Winifred Luna Johnson has me and my husband wrapped around her adorable kitten paws!

Recently, she's been hanging out while I work on the computer at home. Winnie has been jumping up and standing right in front of the keyboard. She puts her little paws on my shoulder and then just melts into me. The first couple of times she did it, she couldn't sit still and moved on to other things pretty fast but the past two days, she has been falling asleep hard. She will even wake-up, stretch herself across the keyboard for a while but then she's back for more! I flipping can't get enough. Like, I am have been cutting it SO close rolling into work because I don't want to wake her back up.

I get stressed, just like everyone else but gosh dangit once she turns on the purs it's like all my anxieties just disappear. I slow down my breathing, close my eyes and I have almost fallen asleep with her a few times. I never knew I would fall so deeply in love and so I figured I would share a few fun facts about why YOU should get one too!

Winifred Kitten Cuddles

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