Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Yakima, but the city is short on soccer fields.

Rich Austin, director of sports for the Yakima Valley Sports Commission, says the city desperately needs a facility with up to 15 soccer fields. He says the most popular area is Chesterley Park, but overuse is taking a toll on the fields -- and when it's busy, there are just not enough fields to accommodate everyone.

We have so many different soccer leagues and teams that we just need to have a bigger space with more fields to put them on, so maybe we can rotate a little bit.

Austin says more soccer fields would allow more tournaments, which would contribute to the Yakima economy. He does not have any favorite spots for a complex, he is just hoping the city finds a place that is easy to access by a lot of people.

The city is currently looking for a 30- 40-acre site for a new soccer complex.

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