Are we alone? I mean are their extra terrestrials among us?  Do you believe in UFO’s?  Those that do say sightings were up last month.  The Mutual UFO Network or Mufon says there were 1,179 reports of sightings this past June while in June 2014 there were only 600.The majority of sightings took place in the U.S. and Mufon says it typically receives between 400 and 700 sighting reports each month.  However once weather and man-made objects are taken into account, only 10 to 20% remain “unidentified”.

Two possible reasons given for the increase—1.) the season ending episodes of the History Channel’s show “Hangar 1-the UFO Files” which plants a seed of imagination for some and 2.) more people being active outside so as to be available as witnesses to suspicious airborne activity..

Still Mufon leaders say some sightings are very interesting and compelling cases currently under investigation." (Daily Mail)


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