For millions of Americans the dessert of choice on Thanksgiving is –SHOPPING! This could be the year that changes.  According to BestBlackFriday blog, so far some 42 retailers have already announced plans to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day.

The list includes Costco, Home Depot, Office Depot, OfficeMax and REI-- not to mention some entire shopping malls that have indicated they will stay closed as well.

That’s a big change so what’s behind it?  The desire to watch football, have more pie or let families enjoy time together?  Not so much. Business on Thanksgiving Day is not so good.

ShopperTrak reports that in-store Thanksgiving Day sales dropped by an estimated 12.5 percent last year, while Black Friday sales fell by an estimated 11.9 percent. At the same time, online sales for the two days have been on the rise.

Now this doesn't mean all stores are done with the Thanksgiving Day shopping opportunity. Macy's has been so successful on Turkey Day that this year stores will open an hour earlier-- at 5 PM. (Forbes/Consumerist)