I recently took a trip back to the Midwest to visit with family and while the folks back there are big coffee drinkers, the drive up coffee bar along the way Was downright scare compared to Washington.  Some smaller towns had none at all which was a little stressful for my coffee loving wife.  For me, no problem, although with doing all that driving, coffee was a good companion on the long stretches of lonely highway.

Along the way we wondered where the cutoff point was—when should you stop drinking coffee if you didn’t want it to affect a good night’s sleep and now we know!

As reported in Elite Daily, Clinical nutritionist Michele Miller recommends you finish the last cup of the day between  six to eight hours before bedtime.   So if you call it a day around 10 PM, your last cup should come around 2pm.

Miller recommends seeking out high-test or organic coffee when possible because it filters out of your system more efficiently than commercial brands, allowing you to wind down a bit sooner. (Elite Daily)

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