I've said it before. I'll say it again.  I used to think that liberals and conservatives were two different sides of the same coin.  I no longer think that.

I now see us as two different coins altogether.  Different metal and mettle, of different vale and values and backed up by a different central bank of ideas, logic and emotion.

In the face of the Coronavirus we hear repeatedly that "We are all in this together".  But are we? You would think that facing a worldwide pandemic would lead to national unity, but no. Our thoughts about and responses to the Coronavirus crisis are just more examples the American great divide

A new poll out yesterday (May 6th) from CNBC and Change Research illustrates my point.

Here are a few examples of the differences in opinion from people in a half a dozen of the so-called  electoral battleground states.

Is it safe to dine out now?               Republicans - 70%      Democrats - 05%

Are bars safe now?                         Republicans - 52%      Democrats - 04%

Are Hair Salons safe now?              Republicans - 77%      Democrats - 02%

Should wear masks in public?         Republicans - 47%      Democrats - 80%

Too soon to reopen the economy?  Republicans - 09%      Democrats - 81%

The poll, which included voters from Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,

For more information on the survey including the full results and methodology and in-depth articles, go to: https://www.changeresearch.com/post/states-of-play-battleground-wave-4.



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