No, it's not a Mickey Mantle rookie card or a Honus Wagner T-206 but the value of these relics are worth more than money to me.
A few days ago, I was at my father's house (where I grew up) and had to find something for him in the garage.  What should my wondering eyes appear?  A couple of old Wheaties cereal boxes that I had saved when I was an early teen.

Wheaties has been calling itself "The Breakfast of Champions" for longer than I have been alive.  To grace the cover of the box is akin to making the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Maybe even better. The athletes depicted on the boxes I saved definitely represented the best of the best.

Seattle Seahawks Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Largent.  Chicago Bears Hall of Fame running back Walter "Sweetness" Payton (R.I.P.) and arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time, His Airness, Michael Jordan.

A bit dusty and a bit crumpled (the Largent boxes are unopened and still have the cereal inside!), I snatched them up and took them home to give to my 8 year-old son.  Maybe someday he will pass them along to his child.

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