Ag News: Optimism on China
Optimism seems to be growing from the possible trade truce with China. The U.S. Soybean Export Council reports net sales for soybeans is up 42% percent.
Trump's First Year Review; School Meal Flexibility Rule
The nation’s farm groups appear to have mixed feelings on President Trump. Livestock farmers have been granted a two-month reprieve in reporting air emissions. USDA’s commitment to work with program operators, school nutrition professionals to ensure school nutrition standards are bot…
WOTUS Rule Formatting; Telemedicine for Rural America
**For those wondering why the proposal to withdraw the WOTUS rule, announced June 27th, hasn’t appeared officially in the Federal Register … blame the formatting.
EPA sent the prepublication version of the proposed rule to the Office of the Federal Register the next day, but it…
Equine Herpes Case Confirmed in WA State
The $43 billion deal between Syngenta and Chem China has some farmers believing it will be beneficial the WSJ reports. The paper cites U.S. farmers’ complex relationship with China, whose economic growth has spurred demand for agricultural commodities ...