U.S. beef exports

Ag News: U.S. Beef to Japan
The U.S. and Japan have agreed on new terms that eliminate Japan’s longstanding restrictions on U.S. beef exports, paving the way for expanded sales.
Ag News: U.S. Beef to Taiwan
First three quarters of 2018, export value to Taiwan had nearly matched last year's record of $410 million, but by year's end, are expected to exceed $500 million.
Ag News: U.S. Beef Value Record
U.S. Beef exports has broke a value record, going over $750 million and the pork exports remains steady through out 2018. South Korea and Japan are the big for the U.S.
EPA issues Exemption to Fight a Pest
EPA issues an emergency exemption to the State of Arizona allowing the use of Dows’ Transform insecticide to control sugarcane aphids in sorghum. The pest poses threats to sorghum producers and dairies.
The outlook for the cattle markets remains bearish as the industry awaits the next round of Cattl…