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Judge Blocks $30 Car Tab Measure
Voters approved Initiative 976 earlier this month. It caps most taxes paid through annual vehicle registration at $30 and also largely revokes the authority of state and local governments to add new taxes and fees.
Ferguson Wants Subpoenas Enforced for Eyman Records
SEATTLE (AP) — Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he wants two state courts to force initiative sponsor Tim Eyman to turn over business, banking and tax records as part of an investigation of campaign-finance practices.
Ferguson said Thursday he filed petitions in Snohomish and Thurston Co…
Judge Will Rule Thursday on Eyman Tax Measure
SEATTLE (AP) — A judge says he intends to rule Thursday on the legality of Tim Eyman's latest anti-tax measure.
Voters in November approved Initiative 1366, which would cut the state sales tax by a penny unless the Legislature puts a tax-limiting constitutional amendment on the fall ballot…
Ballot Measure Filed to Make All State Tax Hikes to Expire
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Initiative promoter Tim Eyman has filed a ballot measure to make all Washington state tax hikes expire after a year.
The one-year limit would go away if state lawmakers pass a constitutional amendment to require a legislative supermajority to raise taxes and eliminate tax …