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Report: DOJ Should Track its Monitoring of Pot Legalization
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Government Accountability Office says the Justice Department needs to better document how it's tracking the effect of marijuana legalization in the states.
In a report Monday, investigators noted that the DOJ said in 2013 it would allow states to regulate marijuana for medical …
Oregon Starting to Sell Recreational Pot
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Discounts on pot, free food for folks with the munchies and live music. All part of a historic day for Oregon and for marijuana advocates across the country, as recreational sales of the drug begin today.
Oregon is one of four states that have legalized the sale of recreat…
Smokin' hot [PHOTOS, VIDEO]
UNION GAP -- While several dozen customers sweated in the midday heat outside Union Gap's Station 420 on Wednesday, Adam Markus and about half a dozen workers were inside, sweating the details.
Markus' staff was getting ready to open the front doors of Yakima County's first legal recre…