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Meidl Confirmed as Spokane’s New Police Chief
SPOKANE (AP) — The Spokane City Council has voted to confirm longtime police officer Craig Meidl as the new leader of the city's police department.
The Spokesman-Review reports that the council's vote Monday comes after the city put up $28,000 to find a replacement police chief...
Frank Sweet Seeking to be Rehire as Sunnyside Mayor
The former city manager of Sunnyside Frank Sweet will stand before city council members next month to ask for his job back.
In February, Frank Sweet was fired by the Sunnyside city council after an uproar over his decision to release the longtime police chief...
Union Gap in Search of New Police Chief
Union Gap may soon be looking for a new police chief.  That's because Chief Robert Almeida was relieved of his duties last week as they say in city government.
The city clerk says Chief Almeida was released for medical reasons. The city administrator said it was a non disciplinary …