The 8 Best Foods to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease, According to a Doctor
If you want to eat to be heart healthier, starting today, stock these foods and eat them daily, since each one has proven benefits that–when added into a whole-foods, plant-based diet and eaten regularly over time–will help lower your cholesterol, reduce chronic inflammation on a cellular level, and increase your energy, by delivering nutrients in a fiber-filled package...
Happy Giving Tuesday: Here Are Our Favorite Charities to Donate to Today
Most weeks, we love to share the plant-based products that we are obsessed with, and we make sure to let you know about the best new plant-based products and healthy or vegan launches that are worth buying. Since today is Giving Tuesday, launched by the 92nd Street Y in our hometown of New York City, 12 years ago, it seemed like the perfect time to flip it and reverse it and let you know where we