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Ag News: Trump Tariff Support
Is support wavering? Administration's recent responses on trade are starting to hit farmers and ranchers, but most are reportedly “still holding tough,” hoping to see better-than-ever ag trade.
Trump Calls Ag American Backbone; USTR Wants Speedy NAFTA
**During a visit with Ag leaders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last week, President Trump delivered an optimistic campaign-style speeches embracing farmers and ranchers as the “backbone of America.”
The president has come under fire from rural Democrats for proposed cuts in his fi…
Dairy Council Trade Mission; Census of Agriculture 2017
**The American Coalition for Ethanol has outlined regulatory reform priorities it wants for the EPA.
Executive Vice President, Brian Jennings says their top priority will be for the EPA to revise emission standards to allow E15 and higher ethanol blends to be sold year-round...

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