Amtrak Train Derailed on Special Section of Track
SEATTLE (AP) — The Amtrak train that derailed Sunday was traveling through a section of track that contains a switch that will nudge a train off-course if the draw-span on the approaching bridge is open. The Seattle Times reports it's not known if that switch caused the derailment...
Railroads Rack Up $15 Million in 2016 Penalties
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The Transportation Department says it assessed more than $15 million in civil penalties against the U.S. railroad industry this year for safety violations and other infractions, a slight increase over 2015. Friday's announcement came as Union Pacific, the nation's largest freight railroad, agreed to improve safety on lines used to haul crude oil following a fiery June derail
Costs of Train Derailment Along Columbia River Adding Up
VANCOUVER (AP) — Six months after a train hauling Bakken crude oil derailed along the Columbia River Gorge, state and other officials are still tabulating a bill to send to Union Pacific Railroad. Union Pacific said in a statement that it is committed to absorbing all the costs incurred as a result of the fiery crash on June 3 in Mosier, Oregon...
Railroad Says Broken Bolt Caused Oregon Train Derailment
Railroad officials say at least one broken bolt holding the rail in place caused the fiery derailment of a Union Pacific train moving volatile crude oil through the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon-Washington border. Union Pacific spokesman Justin Jacobs said Saturday that the company filed a report Friday with the Federal Railroad Administration citing one or more broken bolts as the cause of t