dairy industry

Ag News: U.S. Dairy in China
2019 could be better for the dairy industry, with the potential for a Class III milk price over $17 per hundredweight by late-summer and perhaps $18 by the fourth quarter.
Ag News: Trudeau Under Fire
Justin Trudeau is underfire by Canadian dairy farmers. He said he is flexible on increasing access to the country’s dairy industry. A change wanted in NAFTA.
Ag News: New Wasp & BMSB
A pest might have met its match. Oregon State University entomologist looks at the soil-nesting wasp. It could be a potential biological control for BMSB.
Dairy Industry Loses $420 Million From One Bull
The dairy industry reportedly lost nearly $420 million from one single foundation bull with a lethal gene mutation that causes calves to die in the womb. This is a peril in selective breeding. On the positive side, that same foundation bull with nearly 2 million great-grandaughters accounts for 14 p…

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