When I was growing up, it seemed like there was a firework stand on just about every other street corner. Since I grew up near Nob Hill Plaza, I used to frequent that one often as a youngster. Then came the ban on firecrackers like Black Cats. I thought that was fine because I could still buy roman candles, jumping jacks, bees, and those cardboard tanks where I would buy two and have them battle it out. That was the way it was until they banned all fireworks, sans pop-its, sparklers and those chalky snake things.

I completely understand why. Along with the sounds of fireworks going of, you would also hear fire alarms and fire trucks off in the distance. It makes it safer for everyone. Yakima does put on a good firework show and Toppenish as well as Naches amongst other places have great places to light off your own fireworks, but I want to light my own with my kids in the backyard like my dad and I used to do. I can understanding banning bigger fireworks, but can't we have more than just sparklers?

What do you think? Is it safer for everyone or should they be a little lenient?

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