The expert analysts have Seattle rated as high as sixth and as low as tenth in the latest NFL Power Rankings.


Elliott Harrison at puts the Seahawks at No. 6.

Whoever said, or thinks, Russell Wilson isn't "black enough" needs to decide what the heck that means. And then, when they figure it out, ask themselves if judging people that way does their own life and circumstance any good. Put another way, if the guys who allegedly spent time circulating such absurd thoughts instead spent time becoming better players, perhaps the Seahawks wouldn't have needed a sweet comeback from their undeniably clutch human being to win.


Pat Kirwan at CBS Sports also has Seattle in sixth.

The Seahawks defense looked like the 2013 version against the Panthers on the road last week. With five home games still on the schedule, they are still on track to return to the playoffs.


At Fox Sports, Dan Schneier has the Seahawks at No. 7.

The offensive line is struggling to create running lanes and in turn we have seen a pass-first offense in recent weeks that is struggling to consistently move the ball. Russell Wilson engineered what could be a season-saving drive to beat Carolina.


At CBS Sports, Pete Prisco puts Seattle in eighth place after seven games.

That might have been a season-saving drive late against Carolina. Now they can start getting it right this week against the Raiders.


And finally, ESPN experts have the Hawks at No. 10.

Russell Wilson went 4-of-4 for 53 yards and a touchdown on the Seahawks' game-winning drive after completing 57.1 percent of his passes on the Seahawks' first seven drives.