Television and the movies make bank on the plot line of how sucking up to the boss is the way to get ahead on the job.  Art imitates life -But- not for women.

A recent Harvard study found men who worked for men were able to schmooze their way to a promotion or raise, but for women, schmoozing a male boss didn't help.

What about women working for women?  No chance!  The study showed female bosses don't reward schmoozing at all, no matter who was doing it.

There may be a connection for "quality time" together. They also found that when a male employee who smoked started working with a male manager who smoked, they two tended to take smoke breaks together, and the male employee was much more likely to be promoted than a nonsmoker.

Sorry ladies, once again you'll have to get ahead by hardwork - not scmoozing!




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