Sunday morning in Prosser, Washington September 11,  2011.   Under a pale blue cloudless sky a crowd of about 125 people gathered in front of fire station 310 on the tenth anniversary  of 9-11 to pay their respects to the victims of the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania attacks. 

Quiet and still, not a breath of wind and hushed respectful conversation among the visitors and families of local firefighters awaiting the arrival of the Patriot Riders  to begin the ceremony.  The Fire Chief spoke of  courage in the face of death, the Mayor thanked Prosser’s first responders for the peace and safety of their city and fire fighters rang the station bell to honor the fallen. 

The highlight for most was the installation of a 3 foot section of steel from ground zero. A rusty unimpressive beam representing both the wreckage and the resolve to never forget. The “I” shaped piece of metal was permanently attached to  the base of the flag pole and in a moment that only seemed right, In the middle of the ceremony a number of firefighters were called to duty and left as the sirens wailed.  A beautiful morning, a short but important ceremony and then back to the business of life in America.