Forget making your car look a little gross from up high, birds were the cause of a power outage that effected nearly 4,600 Selah residents Friday night.

The Yakima Herald reports that the birds got into a substation and damaged an insulator. The power outage started at approximately 6:45 p.m. Friday night.

“Selah’s had that issue,” Gauntt told the Herald of the birds. “I guess it’s some sort of rivalry between the crows and the Eurasian collared doves. They’re battling for territory apparently, and one forces the other toward the substation.

Friday night was Selah High School's Homecoming football game and while the game started on time, the lack of power did result in an approximate 40-minute delay midway through the first quarter.

This is the third significant power failure linked to birds in Selah according to the Herald.