Despite not having final numbers, the city believes that the recent pilot recycling program was was a success according to a press release.

For the past four months, 540 homeowners near Kissel Park were asked to participate in the pilot program. They were provided with 32-gallon garbage cart, a 96-gallon yard waste cart, and a 96-gallon recycling cart.

According to Refuse & Recycling Manager Loretta Zammarchi approximately 70 percent of the households participated regularly. In total, the program brought in 22 tons of household recyclables and 60 tons of yard waste.

One of the concerns that has led to the pilot program is the current estimation that the landfill in Terrace Heights will be full in approximately 11 years. During the pilot program, waste going to that landfill decreased significantly.

The next step will be the final number crunching and a survey of the participants. Once the final information is gathered, a presentation to the city council will happen and the future of the program will be decided.

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