If you missed the final lunchtime summer concert in Yakima don't worry, they will be back next year.

Friday was the last lunchtime show of the summer concert series in downtown Yakima in 2013.

Organizers said they saw anywhere from 100 to 200 people at the weekly concerts which also gave a small economic boost to nearby businesses.

Event organizers said they learned a lot this year and hope to make the concerts even better next summer.

"We might adjust it to make it kind of at the beginning of summer and take the hottest part of the summer off, and then come back again when it cools down, because September is a gorgeous month here too as well," said Yakima Economic Development Manager, Sean Hawkins.

Organizers also said this is great for the bands who play at the concerts because it gives them a chance to go to a new venue and introduce themselves to a different crowd.

This was the first year for the lunchtime concert series.