If you follow sports you have probably heard the name Trevor Lawrence.  Quarterback Lawrence was the nation's top High School football player leading his team to a ridiculous 41-1 and two state championships in his last three years at Cartersville High School in Georgia.

With that kind of success and the entire football world singing your praises, it would be pretty easy to get a big head as a teenager but Lawrence side stepped that as deftly as he sidesteps charging defensive linemen.  No, it's not his obvious excellence as an athlete that should capture your attention whether you're a sports fan or not.

This man-child - he's 6'6" and 220 lbs - is just 21 years of age but he has the maturity and focus of someone much older.  It is Willian Trevor Lawrence's character and deportment that merits our attention.

He was just as successful in college at Clemson as he was in high school going undefeated and being named MVP while winning the National Championship over the juggernaut of Alabama as a freshman.  Big head yet? Nope.

In his second year he went undefeated again but lost his first college game in the National Championship against LSU.   Even with just one loss in his first two years he wasn't invited to the Heisman trophy awards.  247 Sports shares his response when compared with the three great players who were..."You can't argue with anything those other guys have done,” Lawrence said. “So for me to say that I should have been in there instead of them is diminishing what they've done. But I believe I'm one of the best players in college football and my play will speak for itself and I don't really have to worry about any awards. I think winning the national championship says a lot more than those.”

Confidence, humility, respect...class.  Still no big head. Big head of hair, yes.  Big head, no!

This year, his Junior season, Lawrence caught the Coronavirus and missed two games including a 47-40 double overtime loss to Notre Dame. He ultimately bounced back beating the Fighting Irish 34-10 in the ACC Championship Game.  Trevor Lawrence's college career came to an end in the National Championship semi-final game against Ohio State, a 49-28 loss.  Lawrence's college career wraps up with 34 wins against just 2 losses and a projected first pick in the NFL Draft with millions of dollars in his future.

Now comes the ego, the posse, bling, and lifestyle change, right?  I mean he's earned it, right?  Not even close.  Watch this YouTube video and see how this humble sports hero says thanks and goodbye to his University.  This is the way to do it.

This is a classy young man and if you want to know more about his background, home life and personality read this.

In this time of so many bad actors and their bad behavior hogging the national media spotlight, it's important to know that there still are role model sports stars out there.  It never hurts to be reminded of how a class act acts.  Good Luck to you Mr. Lawrence, stay humble.

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